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Borehole Technology

Nemein is developing a number of game-changing clean energy harvesting & energy storage sustainable tools that aim to reduce environmental impact whilst improving safety and energy efficiency, with consideration for reducing non-productive time (NPT) across multiple disciplines in the downhole industry.

Products are principally designed and developed to easily transfer across energy sectors, such as for renewable power energy storage, pipeline inspection and Geothermal applications.

The Persephone family of tools are self-powered by a range of energy harvesting methods. This differentiates Nemein from other downhole OEM by removing the requirement, limitations, and associated safety hazards, for downhole lithium batteries in MWD/LWD, coiled tubing and slickline tools.


The differing requirements of various down-hole sectors, such as shock and vibration in the drilling sector, and the higher operating temperatures with cased-hole wireline applications, have led to a bi-focussed approach , thereby allowing full optimisation of Persephone.

Nemein are able to test the products to temperatures of 300degC and pressures of 40,000psi, with additional facilities offering the ability to achieve shock levels in excess of 2000g. All materials used in the O&G products are to NACE specification.


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