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High Temperature Thermal Shields

Downhole thermal shields, also known as dewars, are vacuum insulated vessels which minimise heat transfer from the surroundings to the payload inside. Typically, this thermal management is to protect wireline deployed electronics and allow operation in a hotter environment than their rated temperature. Standard operating temperature is 220 oC, with options up to 400 oC.


Nemein’s ultra-high vacuum (UHV) flasks have been developed for harsh environments, typically O&G and geothermal boreholes. Our thermal shielding technology can be optimised to customer requirements allowing for maximising payload capacity, thermal efficiency, longevity, or robustness, including vibration ratings high enough for MWD (Measurements While Drilling) applications.


Thermal shields can be built with high pressure ratings (typically 20,000psi) and can integrate magnetic shielding. Dewars can be supplied with access and electrical connections to one or both ends. All thermal shields are helium leak tested during initial assembly and refurbishment and go through an inhouse certification process to verify thermal performance.


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