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Real-Time Intelligent Hole Condition Data for Faster, More Informed Decision Making 

Advanced thermal, vibration & energy flow management technologies provide downhole power, imaging & data analytics to optimise drilling efficiency & increase safety whilst reducing cost & environmental impact to address key industry challenges such as stuck pipe & well control issues 

Design & Manufacture

Nemein, an OEM, designs and manufactures solutions & products for harsh environments, particularly deep hot boreholes, the principle focus being thermal & vibration management & big data sensing. The technology enables:

  • conditions with the potential to cause environmental damage or safety risks to be detected early to allow for avoidance & mitigation, whilst improving drilling efficiency & therefore reducing drilling costs

  • downhole tools to operate & be powered at higher temperatures than established technologies which is a key enablers for deeper & hotter geothermal boreholes - a driving factor in reducing fossil fuel consumption​


Nemein has benefited from financial support from the Welsh Government SMARTCymru programme, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The Demeter project aims to design and develop a thermoelectrically powered EM telemetry repeater. The thermoelectric generator for Demeter is a scaled variation of the full thermoelectric technology of the Persephone project, also being supported under this programme. 

Call: 01656 856673
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