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Persephone Power & Data - Intelligent Real-Time Insight of Hole Condition

A self-powered, sustainable, predictive-automated hole condition monitoring sensor array, increasing drilling efficiency & safety, reducing cost & environmental impact.

Persephone (power) harvests energy downhole from thermal differences and vibrations to power its sensor array and third party MWD (Measurements While Drilling) and LWD (Logging While Drilling) tools. Provides operators with non-hazardous, constant, safe & reliable power, with & without flow and at a higher temperature (>220degC) & more safely than thionyl chloride batteries, offering downhole thermal management enabling sensors to operate at geothermal temperatures

Persephone’s (data) panoramic sensor array provides imaging capabilities which allow operators to monitor downhole conditions in real-time, enabling detrimental hole conditions, such as poor hole cleaning, differential sticking, kicks and stuck pipe, to be identified for faster, more informed decision making. 

Persephone can determine depth downhole which will ultimately enable fully autonomous drilling systems.

Thermoelectric generation is reversible, so Persephone can also provided cooling. Combined with a Dewar, this allows for much higher temperature boreholes to be drilling and logged.

A wireline deployed Persephone is under development, which will allow for imaging of boreholes after the drilling phase.

Call: 01656 856673
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