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Engineering Design 

Nemein operates as a bespoke R&D team for each customer, able to provide comprehensive technical feasibility studies through to high tech engineering designs of product and whole project solutions for our clients. Dedicated, highly skilled and experienced project engineers ensure timely delivery of fully documented products from concept design through protoyping, manufactured to the highest standards, ruggedised products are verified and qualified prior to commercialisation across a number of sectors, including oil & gas, renewables, geothermal and health-care related

Nemein Capabilities:

  • Custom Feasibility Studies and Design Work

  • Mechanical 3D CAD - SolidWorks; FEA; CFD

  • Electronic Design - Altium

  • Software Design

  • PCB Prototype and Production Boards

  • Full Product Assembly

  • Shock & Vibration Testing for Harsh Environments 

  • Combined Environmental Thermal and Pressure Testing for Harsh Environments

  • Verification and Certification ie IPR Rating, CE Marking; PAT Testing

  • Third Party Equipment Repair


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Call: 01656 856673
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