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Energy Storage

Nemein’s experience with validating sustainable technology in extremely harsh environments, such as high pressure, high temperature, high shock & vibration, creates a robust proving ground to offer realisable technology transfer into other significant markets of sustainable energy renewables, geothermal, utilities and defence.

  • TESS: Thermal Energy Smart Storage for PV & Hydro


  • Geothermal Dewars: High Temperature Thermal Shielding


  • Utility & Mining Pipeline Robotic Crawlers; adaptable for multiple applications and environments. Robots for both internal and external pipe line requirements focus on solving industry challenges in water, oil and gas pipe lines. Sensor diagnostic systems are available to more efficiently and remotely detect and monitor leaks or blockages, with the ability to offer plugging or clearance solutions. The modular and flexible robotic designs incorporate extremely high specifications of sealing and pressure rating as a result of the experience gained from designing for the harsh environments of oil & gas industry and operate full fail-safe modes.

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