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Kinisi can be kept at home, ready for use at any time, or is easily stored and transportable in a car or ambulance.

Weighing less than 17kg, Kinisi comes with a wheeled bag making it very portable for individuals, carers, ambulance service, health care workers and could also be made available to the community in airports, hotels, cruise ships, gyms, community centres and other public arenas.


It consists of a flat canvas that can be placed under someone who has fallen, or are able to shuffle onto it. A light-weight frame is then attached to the canvas, enabling the individual to be lifted safely and with dignity from the floor to a seated position, from where they can easily transfer.  


It doesn't matter if you are in doors or outside when you fall, as it can quickly be brought to you and powered either by battery or plugged in to the mains. Unlike other lifting devices, it can be rapidly deployed, can raise a person weighing up to 140kg in less than 40 seconds, and is easily stored away until needed.

Call: 01656 856673
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