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About Nemein

Nemein derives from the ancient Greek ‘némein’ meaning ‘to give what is due’.

Closely related to Nemesis, the Goddess of divine retribution and implacable justice in Greek mythology, Némein symbolises the equality, fairness and harmony that represents our business culture and ethics and also the equilibrium our products and service bring to each sector.


Nemein was founded in 2013 by experienced engineers with complimentary backgrounds and an implicit understanding of the challenges of the engineering sectors the company operates in. 


By taking novel ideas to solve the problems and issues that concern our clients' we have developed a range of vanguard products that will interrupt the markets they operate in. 


The business has now expanded into a group of companies, operating globally across Oil & Gas and a number of engineering sectors.


Nemein's value proposition is based on delivering added value by best practice solutions to address our client's industry challenges though innovation and breakthrough technology, creating unique IP and new products.


These aims, captured in our strap line, are to always take inspiration, and innovate without being constrained by convention.  


Taking innovative engineering ideas from across different sectors and industries and transforming them into new and unique products for our clients'. 

When you are faced with energy and engineering challenges contact Nemein

for the solution.










Call: 01656 856673
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