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Bridgend Mayor visits Nemein

Bridgend Mayor takes interest in an energy havester

Keen to see the latest developments after winning the Bridgend Business award for innovation the mayor paid a visit to the Headquarters of Nemein to find out more about the company and their products.

After a cup of tea Bridgend Mayor Cllr Pam Davies and the Mayor’s consort Tudor Davies took a tour of the manufacturing facility stopping at each department to see the work being carried out.

At the production line the Mayor spoke with CEO Suzi Bourne who explained the machine tools which are used to manufacture the micron tolerance components that make up the finished products. “The mayor was impressed with the accuracy that we manufacture the components for our products and the harsh environments that they will be working in” said Suzannah Bourne after the meeting. “I am pleased that the local authority has taken an interest in our company and the support they are giving us in our development” adding “By establishing our headquarters in Bridgend, it gives us access to highly skilled machinists that can operate the very sensitive equipment that we use to manufacture these specialist tools for the Oil and Gas industry”

CEO Suzi Bourne explains the production facilities

Of greatest interest to the Mayor was the new product development department with Mayor Davies directing many questions to Lawrence Till, Nemein Technical Sales Director. “The mayor was very interested in the development of the energy harvester and its impact on downhole telemetry” said Till. "Most of our products will be exported and this will contribute to the economy in the Country".

Councillor Davies told Suzannah at the end of her visit “I am very impressed with the developments going on at Nemein and how they will be sent all over the world not only putting the company on the map but raising Bridgend as a great place to do business”

Nemein Ltd

Nemein Ltd is an award winning innovative technology and precision manufacturing company.

Specialising in innovations across the energy sector, from world-leading products for downhole oil and gas wells to novel and innovative thermal energy harvesting and storage from renewable energy sources.

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