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And the EU Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence Award goes to…

The Seal of Excellence from the European Commission is for a project submitted under Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase I. Developed by the team at Nemein it is a sustainable energy system for well head instrumentation. We are one of only three companies in Wales to be recognised for this.

Limitless Power

The project is a step towards combining a series of proprietary energy harvesting and storage technologies developed by Nemein to achieve effectively limitless power in any drilling application, with and without circulation.

This will enable a new generation of downhole instrumentation, third party equipment and a game changing project under development at Nemein. This is a long duration project which will complement the Persephone family of self-powered tools, developed with the support of Innovate UK.

Synergistic Energy Optimisation

The combination of Nemein’s downhole energy portfolio allows synergistic optimisation for the outcome to be greater than the sum of the parts. This project also represents another step in bringing renewable energy to the ultra-harsh drilling environment which is expected to help advance renewable technology rapidly and help position Nemein as a key driver is achieving energy security in the future.

Nemein Ltd.

Nemein is a specialist precision manufacturer and engineering R&D Company based in South Wales. Focusing on innovations in the energy sector, they provide high quality prototyping and small batch mechanical and electronic manufacturing of complex components and assemblies for the energy and medical sectors.

With a growing team of expert engineers and technicians working together, we develop our products and innovate across the energy sector from world-leading innovative products for downhole oil and gas wells as well as innovative thermal energy harvesting and storage for the more traditional renewable sectors.

Contact Nemein for manufacturing, bespoke product from concept to commercialisation or Nemein’s innovative products.

Telephone 01656856673 (UK) / +441656856673 (international) or email

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