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World First Sustainable Energy for Downhole O&G

Nemein are very pleased to announce the successful completion of an Innovate UK supported project. Lawrence Till, Nemein's Technical Sales Director, understands this to be a 'World-First' in bringing clean sustainable energy to the downhole O&G exploration market and offers many exciting opportunities both for downhole and also in transferrable technology to renewables.

The project demonstrated feasibility of downhole energy harvesting methods and has resulted in a functional technology demonstrator which exceeded the performance levels targeted at the beginning of the project. This represents a giant leap towards self-powered downhole tools, initially drill-pipe conveyed (MWD & LWD), with further developments for coiled tubing and wireline to follow.

The technology has been shown functioning at temperatures of up to 200 degC (400 degF) without the need for constant circulation, turbines or electrochemical batteries. This enables a new era of drilling, unbound from current operational, HSE and logistical constraints.

Nemein are currently seeking an industry partner to support this new generation of drilling tools through field trials. For more information please contact

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