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From Tetris to Smooth Production Flow

Nemein have been busy securing new premises in South Wales. “After playing Tetris in the old unit we were on the lookout for a new engineering building we could locate all our departments in” said Suzannah Bourne, CEO of Nemein a specialist engineering company.

A new plant means a new way to work and months have been spent developing an agile process flow and production facility in the new works. With an immediate 600%+ (phase 1) increase in workspace and a new production facility, we are looking at major efficiency gains and increased handling capacity.

One of the first products to go in to production will be Persephone, a world first in downhole energy harvesting. This is an Innovate UK supported oil and gas industry unique product conceptualised, designed and developed by Nemein. Full scale production of the technology, including full length 9M (30 ft.) drill collar editions will begin this year, supplying the robotised drill floors used around the world in the Oil and Gas industry.

The new facility is based in Bridgend just off the M4 Junction 36 in Brynmenyn Industrial Estate.

Nemein Ltd. Nemein is a specialist precision manufacturer and engineering R&D Company based in South Wales. Focusing on innovations in the energy sector, they provide high quality prototyping and small batch mechanical and electronic manufacturing of complex components and assemblies for the energy and medical sectors.

With a growing team of expert engineers and technicians working together, we develop our products and innovate across the energy sector from world-leading innovative products for downhole oil and gas wells as well as innovative thermal energy harvesting and storage for the more traditional renewable sectors.

Contact Nemein for manufacturing, bespoke product from concept to commercialisation or Nemein’s innovative products.

Telephone 01656856673 (UK) / +441656856673 (international) or email

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