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Nemein sponsor Apprentice of the year award 2017

Last Friday, Suzannah Bourne, Lawrence Till, Andrew Walch and Samantha Craven from Nemein attended the Young achievers’ awards ceremony at the Heronston Hotel and Spa in Bridgend where CEO Suzannah Bourne presented the Young Achiever Apprentice of the Year Award for the second year running. The award ceremony is to recognise those young people in the community who have excelled.

We often read about the failure of young people in the press and this award ceremony goes some way of recognising achievement of the young. Nemein is keen to encourage the development of young engineers and higher skilled youngsters, so it is natural that we have again sponsored this worthy accolade.

And the Winner is...

This year’s award was presented to Alice Slennett who is an apprentice clerical officer in Abertawe Bro Morganwg patient experience unit. When asked what the award meant to her she replied, “When I first found out I won, I was extremely shocked but absolutely over the moon and delighted – when you work hard for something it is nice to have some recognition. Winning this award has boosted my confidence also, it has shown me that if I work hard enough I will achieve what I want”

She received the award from Suzannah Bourne, CEO of Nemein Ltd at the ceremony on Friday night.

Suzannah Bourne told me at a pre-award meeting “The demand for skilled employees is increasing so we have to encourage as many young people as possible to look at training for their own advancement. As employers we need to find skilled workers locally. Not all young people want to study at university, instead they want a more practical approach to acquiring skills. Apprenticeships are a practical and fantastic way for them to achieve their ambitions.

"If we can recognise young people for their achievements, then we will get more youngsters taking up apprenticeships with the net result of a higher skilled workforce”.

This is the second year that Nemein has sponsored the Apprentice of the year award. In 2016 they recognised Sam da Rosa, a mechanical apprentice in his 2nd year of a 4 year apprenticeship at the Ford Engine plant in Bridgend.

Alice Slennett recives her award from Suzannah Bourne on stage at the awards ceremony.

Nemein Ltd

Nemein Ltd is an award winning innovative technology and precision manufacturing company.

Specialising in innovations across the energy sector, from world-leading products for downhole oil and gas wells to novel and innovative thermal energy harvesting and storage from renewable energy sources.

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